So we have a few guys in the club that will love being able to edit and post messages that contain advanced math problems.

We can do special symbols too.

\aleph \nsubseteqq \sum \lbrace \rbrace


A_\infty + \pi A_0\sim \mathbf{A}_{\boldsymbol{\infty}} \boldsymbol{+}\boldsymbol{\pi} \mathbf{A}_{\boldsymbol{0}}\sim\pmb{A}_{\pmb{\infty}} \pmb{+}\pmb{\pi} \pmb{A}_{\pmb{0}}


\begin{pmatrix}\alpha& \beta^{*}\\\gamma^{*}& \delta\end{pmatrix}


You can get more information at this site,  But I actually think the best resource I have found so far has been this page.