BigRedBee has recently completed the transition to a new version of the
70cm Beeline GPS. Major highlights include a new u-blox NEO-6 GPS module
as well as a 100mw amplified version.

The 50-channel u-blox NEO-6 offers increased GPS receiver sensitivity resulting
in quicker lock times and the ability to lock indoors. Lock times after
motor burnout are vastly improved, and flights with low thrust profiles may
maintain a continuous GPS lock. The NEO-6 package is more physically robust
than the Trimble Lassen IQ previously used, eliminating the 8-pin surface
mount connector that was a common failure point. The active ceramic GPS
patch antenna connects to the board via a standard u.fl, allowing easy
antenna replacement for custom applications.

The new 70cm BeeLine GPS also incorporates 1M-bit of non-voltile storage for
in-flight recording of latitude, longitude and altitude. Eight times larger
than the previous version, it can store slightly more than 2.5 hours of
data compared to 20 minutes on the original. Because storage times are
dramatically increased, the g-switch option has been eliminated.

A new 100mw amplified version has been added. The additional power enables
flights in excess of 250K’ AGL vs 75K’ of the original unit. Power
consumption is approximately two times higher than the low power version
(resulting in a battery life of approximately 10 hours) but all other
features remain unchanged. It is not possible to upgrade the 16mw version
to the 100mw version. This 100mw device was used on the flight that captured the
Carmack Prize.

70cm BeeLine GPS 16mw
Size: 28mm x 63mm
Weight: 44 grams including 850 mah battery
Battery life: Approximately 20 hours transmitting once every 5 seconds.

70cm BeeLine GPS 100mw

Size: 31mm x 74mm
Weight: 46 grams including 850 mah battery
Battery life: Approximately 10 hours transmitting once every 5 seconds.