Don Magness of Squirrel Works Model Rocketry asked Tripoli North Texas to help recruit volunteers for the Estes Make-it-Take-it rocket build event at the recent Coleman Family AdventureFest in Irving. Don had been contacted by Mike Fisher at Estes to help find volunteers so Don asked me to contact TNT membership and ask for help. Sam Barone also helped recruit volunteers as well. On Saturday alone attendees built nearly 400 rockets which was more than expected, causing a quick trip back to the hotel for more rockets. Overall, nearly 800 rockets were built in just 3 days! Mike thought the event was a huge sucess.

Thanks again to all who volunteered: Sam Barone, Tony Huet, Ted Macklin, Don Magness, Buzz McDermott, Harry Spears, Jason Unwin, and Kirk Wood.

– Tony Huet